A Quick Update

Hello all!
Thanks for joining me on my adventure

“From the South to the South”


I have officially begun my farewell tour for those closest to me. Leaving loved ones is undoubtedly the hardest part about following my dreams. Without their love, support, and daily prayers, I couldn’t seek any of these dreams I’m chasing!

For anyone reading or following this blog, thank you so very much for your support and interest in my adventures!

Over the next few days I will be posting the beginning of my travels on my departure from the United States.

If you are somehow unaware, I am bound for a working year in New Zealand in September. Undoubtedly, the most common question I receive is:
My response is always the same. Why, what exactly?
Why travel?
Why explore?
Why go to the unknown?
Why New Zealand?

Life is a journey in which I want all the knowledge and light to photograph by, that the world has to offer.

The dedication I have towards this path of life astounds most, and on occasion, even myself. One day, something inside of me just clicked and I knew I had to travel. I’ve accomplished quite a bit in the United States so far, but it’s time to step outside of our patriotic bubble.

I want to walk a different path than others before me. I plan to learn and discover the world in ways that might scare or worry you, but know this, I will stay safe and I will come home.
You have my word and an open invitation to join me in paradise!

Audry Jean




Ahoy Mate!

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!!!

My name is Audry Jean and it is my strong belief that we are all crafted for a purpose in life. As living beings, we all wrestle through the tide of life.There are high tides and there are low tides, but you won’t ever be able to predict how high or low those tides will take you.

 I myself, have seen a barren sea be brought back into the Garden of Eden. Rowdy waters can be tamed by the simplicity of love, or tranquil waters set aflame by the desire of hate.

 It is with this view of life that I walk among mere mortals and capture memories and dreams through the lens of my camera. This photographic passion is what keeps me afloat in the endless current of life. Although I may pass many more storms and calm seas in my future, I appreciate all of the understanding that life has gifted me.

I look forward to sailing the big blue existence of life with you, my friend.

Until then, I wish you blue skies and calm seas.


Audry JeanAudry